BIBI - De repente Criança

Once upon a time, 5 Bibi ’s designers went out for a lunch brake. But a magical elevator would change their afternoon that day. Now, they’re kids again and decided to explore the world outside, seeking new adventures. Our mini-selves changes the world one step at a time on this playful journey. Spoiler alert: The song is catchy.

Executive Producer Ito Andery
Account manager Karima Ruhmann
Account assistant Leticia Pugliese
Director Gustavo Leal
Head of production Jessica Sales
Producer assistant Karen Xavier, Karla Milkem
Storyboard Felms
Animatic Jefferson Lima
Art Director Felms
Illustrator Cezar Berje, Lufe, Julia Albertin, Michel Ramalho
Animation Director Jefferson Lima
Traditional animation Jefferson Lima, Mauricio Fahd, Victor Bolo, Carlos Yuri,
Elton Takumi, Patricio Andres Rey
Clean up Lucas Franci, Dazy Teodoro, Fernando Rangel,
Julieta Soloaga, Bernardo de Melo Teixeira , Ulisses Moreira de Queiroz Jucá,
Denise Bargos, Mateuz Fernandes, Thallyson Mikael
Head of Compositing Caique Moretto
Compositing Caique Moretto, Gustavo Miaciro, Bernardo Vaz, Tiago Castro
Sound Halley Sound
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