If you’re between 30 and 40 years of age you might remember the time when the internet took its first steps, walking hand in hand with the evolution of multiplayer games.

In a not-so-distant past, this technological development gave room to a new type of business aimed at young audiences, the Lan Houses.

A super fun space which entertained youngsters into the night, where they bonded with one another, became tribes, and even professional e-sports teams.

Surfing this nostalgic wave, we got together with Druid’s creative team to talk about the 2022 edition of the biggest Counter Strike tournament in the world - the IEM MAJOR -, this time hosted in Brazil.

This project required deep research.

We studied the diversity we could explore with our characters, each individual costume and accessory from that time, as well as the computers used back then. We decided for a more realistic anatomy and spatial composition, without distorting characters’ bodies or stuff like that.

Colorful illustrations and detail-rich scenery (and why not easter eggs?), combined with an editing process akin to that of short films, fewer shots with loose cameras and many dry cuts.

For Brazilian youngsters who lived through the 2000s, Lan Houses were a true milestone in their lives. Counter Strike quickly became a fever among them, even gaining a widely acclaimed map developed by its fans, CS_RIO.
CS_RIO managed to accurately synthesize the atmosphere of the favelas from Rio de Janeiro; Bars, restaurants, humble homes, a football court, samba and carioca funk.

These typical elements made Brazilian gamers feel closer to the game, as well as portrayed in it.

Around the same time, Gaulês emerged, the leader of one of the first professional Counter Strike teams. Gaulês was able to bring people and sponsors together, even creating his own tribe, where multiple people felt home.

With that in mind, our promotional film for IEM Major Rio 2022 worked as a passport to honor this memorable era, as well as this emblematic e-sports character.

A trip back in time, where we tell you a story about a girl who saw her life transformed after getting to know the game and a whole new circle of friends in her community.

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